101-901-VA, Human Biology
This course is intended for non-science students and is the recommended university prerequisite for some psychology programs. This course will provide a grounding in the basic principles of human biology, with a view to establishing a conceptual framework within which the functioning of the human organism may be more readily understood. Emphasis will be placed on the following areas of human biology: Our Cells and How They Function: concepts of cell anatomy and physiology, as well as cell division and metabolism; the Systems of the Body: special emphasis will be put on the two control systems - the nervous system and the endocrine system; Heredity: the study of basic molecular and human genetics will be used to explain heredity patterns; and Reproduction and Embryology: the concepts of reproduction, embryology and birth will be introduced to the student.Note: this course is recommended for students planning to study Psychology at McGill or Concordia. It is required by students planning to study Psychology at a Quebec French university.