Mutsumi Takahashi

Profile: CFCF/CTV News anchor
Date of Birth:
January 21
Shiroishi, Japan
Vanier College, Concordia University; B.A., M.B.A.
Free Time:
Does volunteer work for Aids organizations, is a voracious reader, loves to knit and do needlepoint and plays piano for her dogs
Little Known Fact:
Studied piano at Toronto Conservatory of Music at the age of six

Mutsumi Takahashi believes strongly in the importance of education and communication. This comes as no surprise to those who know Mutsumi for both her parents are academics and she continues to pursue her own learning and to pass it on to others because "passing on information to those who are still learning is really important to me".

Mutsumi's interest in the electronic media began at Concordia University where she started out as a reader on Radio Sir George (CRSG). By the time she graduated in 1979, she had become the News Director. Never one to do be satisfied with doing just one job well, Mutsumi looked for more challenges. During her time at Concordia she was a reporter for the student newspaper The Georgian, and hosted a series of interview programs for Concordia University TV (CUTV) in conjunction with CTV Montreal, then known as CFCF.
Mutsumi Takahashi on the set of CFCF News

A photo from early in Mursumi's career at CFCF. 

After a brief career in radio, first as an intern at CKGM and then as a newsreader and interviewer at CJFM, Mutsumi arrived at CFCF in 1982 as a news reporter.

Her investigative acumen and professional style of journalism quickly won her a place at the anchor desk of CFCF News after only four years.

A genuine interest in people and facts lead Mutsumi to become a regular contributor on CFCF's community-based program, Park Avenue Metro.

Mutsumi Takahashi shared the 6pm weeknight news anchor desk with RTNDA Lifetime Achievement recipient Bill Haugland, from 1986 until his retirement in November 2006.

She now most frequently anchors the weeknight news with Todd van der Heyden
(seen with her at right).

Mutsumi with Todd van der Heyden.


Read an article on Mutsumi's return to West Hill High School.

Mutsumi recently returned to visit her former high school, West Hill, and was featured in a story in the West Island Chronicle from January 29, 2008. Read the article.


Find out more about Mutsumi's newscast at Vanier in 2001.
Mutsumi returned to Vanier College to
film a live newscast in August 2001.  She can be seen above interviewing Vanier teacher Jock Mackay. Read more and see video clips from that broadcast.

Mutsumi Takahashi at Vanier in 2001.
Taken on the day of the Vanier broadcast in 2001
Photo: Denis Lafontaine