Former World Boxing Champ Otis Grant Is An Inspiration

Vanier grad Otis Grant had it all. As WBO Middlewight Champion of the World, he was virtually unchallenged in his weight class. Then, in 1998, a horrific car accident in which he suffered a punctured lung,

smashed ribs and spent a week in a coma seemed to spell the end of an incredibly promising career. Grant decided to make a comeback in 2003 and many of his last fights resulted in victories but he officially announced his retirement in December 2006.

Otis also gave a memorable speech as guest speaker at Vanier’s 1998 Graduation ceremonies.

Former World Boxing Champ, Vanier Grad Otis Grant’s Story is an Inspirational One
Not many people are aware that Otis Grant was originally a school teacher. He’s always been known for his charitable work with poor children.

The photo on the right shows him working with students from Lindsay Place High School. He established a foundation called Otis Grant and Friends that helps needy families in the Greater Montreal area.

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