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Filmmaker Sharon Hyman, based in Montreal, has been making “autodocumentaries” (a phrase she coined to describe turning the camera back on oneself to tell one’s own story) since her youth – using humor and candor to show a side of the female psyche not typically seen in the mainstream media. Described as a “one-woman film industry” Sharon produces, writes, directs and edits her movies – and also stars in them!

She is in the news again with the announcement that her first feature-length documentary Neverbloomers will make its world premiere on the CBC Documentary Channel on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 8PM.

Sharon received the support of Canadian film icon, producer Harry Gulkin (“Lies My Father Told Me”), who served as the advisor for Neverbloomers.

Here are some advanced reactions to the film:
“I love, love, loved it!!!! I was transfixed from beginning to end” – Luba, Canadian rock star
“Sweet and funny, honest and poignant” – Tish Cohen, bestselling author
“I loved it…it has that lovely edge of cheekiness and truth which is like a mirror to us all” – Lawrence Elman, Producer

Here is what Gazette Film Critic John Griffin had to say about her film WORRIED:
“Two white chicks, filming it as they live it, and working it out. As therapy, it obviously has its uses. As art, undoubtedly. And as entertainment, absolutely… ”

After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology from Concordia University, Sharon had the great honor of being mentored by one of Canada’s pioneering cinéma vérité filmmakers, Wolf Koenig of the National Film Board of Canada, who encouraged her to experiment further with the autodocumentary form. This led to a collaboration with best pal Naomi Levine on their first “grownup” autodocumentary WORRIED, which premiered at the Montreal New Film and Video Film Festival and was broadcast by WTN (formerly The Women’s Network).

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