This page is presented to highlight the achievements of Vanier College Nursing Department graduate Micheline Barazin.

It will provide a brief snapshot of her rather exceptional journey from student at Vanier to Head Nurse of the Surgical Ward at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

It will also, hopefully, serve as an inspiration to all present and future Vanier Nursing students.

In her own words

My dearest Aunt Michele, a Graduate Nurse from St.-Mary’s Hospital inspired me to become a RN and so I started my journey at Vanier College in the Fall of 1987.

There I underwent 3 years of academic studies and clinical stages. The curriculum was very well structured and the required textbooks well researched. In fact, I still use them today as a point of reference. In the classroom area, the material was presented in an organized fashion using all kinds of audio-visual aids to enhance learning. The Nursing Lab was complete with all the necessary equipment (beds, mannequins & instruments) to practice the many skills a nurse is entitled to perform. The Nursing Teachers were resourceful, accessible, available and understanding as they were dealing with a classroom of both young & mature students.

I have fond memories of my days at Vanier College as I have developed friendships with teachers there and classmates for life! Today, looking back, I can say that my basic training prepared me well enough to give me the confidence to begin my professional life as a staff-nurse. Shortly after, I got involved with committee work (Staff Nurse Advisory Committee, Nurses’ week Committee…). I was even interviewed by Brian Britt from Pulse News on May 7, 1991 during “International Nurses’ Week”.

After a few years of basic nursing, I realized I needed to get my BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) before the year 2000. Vanier College provided me with an academic foundation onto which I was able to build on once at the Undergraduate level. Later, it allowed me to move into enlightening positions that I had always envisioned of occupying such as Head-Nurse and Clinical Instructor.

I am currently taking foundation classes for a MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) so I can eventually be more involved in nursing leadership roles. I am happy to be a nurse as the Nursing Profession is versatile. It has given me the opportunity to find work everywhere I go. In short, Vanier College has been a terrific opportunity to make a dream come true!


Vanier College Graduation, May 1990

Ottawa University Graduation, June 1994

Staff Nurse at the Jewish General Hospital

Head-Nurse with Nursing staff at the Guam Memorial Hospital

Clinical Instructor with University of Guam Nursing students

Head-Nurse at GMH with a patient

Emergency Response Practice Drill

Teaching a student nurse skills at the University Of Guam’s practice lab

With Nursing students from the University Of Guam

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