Vanier College is very proud to announce that Nursing graduate, Matthew Barr, is the winner of a 2013 Forces Avenir Award in the category of Étudiant engagé. This category recognizes students with a strong commitment to their communities.

Matthew has already brought aid to communities in need
Matthew would like to bring his nursing knowledge to remote communities where access to health care is not readily available.  After graduating from high school Matthew got his pilot’s license and trained in first aid and advanced emergency response techniques. He has already put those skills to work performing community service work and disaster relief in the United States, and volunteering in earthquake-devastated Haiti several times.

Experience in Haiti
While in Haiti he helped with translation and volunteered with paramedics in mobile clinics and a private hospital, an experience that triggered his desire to work in the medical field.  When Matthew decided to go back to school he chose to study nursing. 

Matthew aims to bring medical support to remote areas
He is currently working on his Bachelor of Nursing degree at McGill University.  “My goal is to eventually work in third world countries or in areas such as the far North where there is a shortage of medical personnel and combine my piloting and medical skills to help those in remote areas,” says Matthew.

Forces Avenir 2013 Award winner Matthew Barr

Forces Avenir 2013 Award winner Matthew Barr FR


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