Vanier College is proud to announce that Wilma Brown, Assistant Dean at Vanier, is the winner of the PERFORMA Award for the Quality of Production and Pedagogical Intervention in College Teaching (Prix PERFORMA pour la qualité de production et de l’intervention pédagogique en enseignement au collégial, volet anglophone). The prize recognizes her contribution to the development of knowledge related to evolving teaching practices and pedagogical intervention in college education.

PERFORMA, which is a cooperative venture of the Ministry of Education, the University of Sherbrooke and cegeps, offers courses specifically designed to suit the needs of college teachers.

Wilma Brown is a pioneer in the development of PERFORMA’s Anglophone colleges’ continuing education programs. Her contribution to the elaboration of these programs is very important, once as a local representative, now as a Resource Person at PERFORMA. She played an important role in the construction of the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching, a 15-credit program that focuses on basic training for college teachers. She has also contributed significantly to the growth of the Master Teacher Program with her organizing skills, and helped the MTP Steering Committee and the MTP Graduation Ceremony.

“PERFORMA and the Master Teacher Program is the most wonderful program,” said Wilma Brown. “It allows Cegep teachers and staff members, to take courses that focus on teaching in the Cegep system. The people who take these courses are all highly motivated.  It’s a terrific opportunity for them to talk about pedagogy, teaching issues and concerns as well as strategies and approaches, and to exchange with people from other cegeps.”

“It has given me tremendous joy and satisfaction to be able to learn alongside very gifted teachers and staff.  I love pedagogy, so it has been very rewarding for me because even as I’m teaching I am also learning along with them.  It’s been wonderful.”

Annie-Claude Banville, Academic Dean of Vanier College is proud of this network recognition of a Vanier College Academic Manager. “Performa is a wonderful organization that understands the Cegeps and Faculty needs, and offers tools and adapted material for all of us. Willie’s dedication is a good example of the contribution of professionals and managers in pedagogical development, working with teachers throughout the Cegep network.  She clearly loves what she does, helps others and it is contagious,” said Annie-Claude Banville.

This prize was part of the annual Sherbrooke University Faculty of Education’s Prix d’excellence en education Awards Ceremony held on April 11, 2018.

Congratulations to Wilma Brown on this much-deserved award.

Wilma Brown PERFORMA 2018 Teaching award

Wilma Brown PERFORMA 2018 Teaching award FR

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