Rhys AdamsVanier College is pleased to announce that Physics teacher Rhys Adams is the recipient of a 2016 CAP (Canadian Association of Physicists) Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Quebec and Nunavut). The award was presented to him by Richard MacKenzie, CAP Vice-President, at the Vanier Graduation Ceremonies held on June 21, 2016.

Rhys Adams, received the award for his superb pedagogy of physics at Vanier College and for his leadership in developing an international program to train physics teachers in India and China in active learning pedagogies.

“I am honoured to have been nominated by my colleagues and students, and I am thrilled that I was chosen for this award. This award is a reflection of all the amazing people that I am surrounded by and make coming to class each day so enjoyable,” said Rhys Adams.

Rhys Adams is a highly committed teacher who relentlessly develops creative and innovative ways to stimulate his students’ interest in Physics. He has been the Coordinator of the Honours Science Program, and promoted student participation in competitions such as Science-on-tourne, Bridge building competition, and the Robotics competition.

As well, Rhys Adams has contributed significantly to the development of active learning activities in the classroom and thinks that physics education should bring the “real-world” into the classroom. But he also takes the classroom out into the world and has organized many field trips for students to experience and discuss physics. Rhys is quite passionate about active learning strategies and their impact on student motivation and has implemented many of the strategies that have been shown to increase physics motivation and conceptual understanding.

In 2011, Rhys started a research project at the Photonics Lab at McGill University where he insisted on student participation in his research program. For the past five summers, he has invited students to work with him at McGill on his photonics projects. This gives these students a remarkable opportunity to experience the research life very early in their science careers.

Congratulations to Rhys Adams, a most passionate teacher.

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