Vanier College and the Vanier College Students Association are pleased to announce that the College will be hosting its first Model UN Conference. The event will be held at Vanier on Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th 2017.

The main objective of Model United Nations events is to raise awareness of international issues, politics, cultural diversity and the UN within high schools, colleges and universities. Model United Nations involve simulations of the UN. At MUN conferences, groups of students choose from different topics that they must research and subsequently debate. The topics discussed within the committees are diverse and include globalization, the environment, security, human rights, poverty and other current international issues. Through participating in MUN conferences, students gain invaluable skills in leadership, public speaking, debating, management and research.

“I’m very excited that Vanier will be hosting its first MUN event. Our team has already performed very well at other MUN events held around Montreal, including McGill University, Marianopolis and Dawson. I’m very proud of everything we have achieved and I look forward to the event in April. The Vanier MUN is a great way for students to build their confidence and learn about historical events. They’re great for anyone interested in politics, public speaking and research,” said Bakry Alsaieq, President of Vanier’s Model UN team.

The Vanier conference will see students from Montreal-area high schools and cegeps competing against each other by debating different topics. They are:

  • Asian Cooperation Dialogue
  • Columbian Conflict
  • Lord of The Rings
  • Caesar’s Civil War
  • War in Biafra

Registration for the Vanier College MUN conference is open until April 1st 2017. To register or for more information visit


English News Release PDF: vanier-college-hosts-model-united-nations-conference

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