Mr. Normand W. Bernier, Director General of Vanier College, is pleased to announce that Vanier will be offering complimentary classroom space to 45 Syrian refugees so that they can learn French from tutors.

“This is an excellent initiative and it is entirely fitting that Vanier College is involved since many Syrian refugees arriving in Quebec are settling in the borough of Saint-Laurent. This is one way for the College to give back to the community while also helping these men and women fully integrate into Quebec society and improve their employability as they begin their new lives in Canada,” said Mr. Bernier.

The refugees participating in the program at Vanier were brought in by Hay Doun, an Armenian organization based in Montreal that has already settled several hundred Syrian refugees here from the Middle East. The organization has a sponsorship contract with the Quebec government and through private donations has raised the money needed to bring people to Canada. Many of the people arriving already have family members in Quebec.

Vanier’s involvement will see the College provide several classrooms where the refugees will be able to receive French lessons from volunteer tutors. The lessons will take place on Saturdays starting February 20th and will run until June 2016.

Vanier Donates Space for Syrian refugee French Classes

Vanier Donates Space for Syrian refugee French Classes FR


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