Mr. John McMahon, Director General of Vanier College, is proud to announce that Vanier will become a smoke-free institution/campus starting in the Fall 2018 semester. As such, smoking of any kind and of all substances including tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, will not be permitted in any building or on the entire grounds of the college, including the Lachute Field Station or other satellite campus grounds or facilities owned or leased by Vanier. Anyone wishing to smoke will have to leave the campus grounds and do so while on public property.

“By implementing this complete ban on smoking on campus, Vanier College is showing its firm commitment to protecting the health of our community. Medical evidence clearly demonstrates that smoking is a health hazard. Research shows that second hand smoke can also be harmful to non-smokers. All students, faculty, staff and visitors to the College have the right to enjoy a smoke-free environment at all times,” said Mr. McMahon.

This policy, which will be sent to the Vanier College Board of Directors for approval, will apply to students, faculty and staff as well as contractors and visitors of Vanier College. The goal is to spend the next year working with the community to implement the ban, addressing issues such as installing new signage and offering assistance to any member of the Vanier community that is seeking to stop smoking.

According to the policy it is strictly prohibited for anyone to use tobacco and other smoking products:

  • in any Building;
  • in any Field;
  • on all campus sports fields including the spectator’s area, the Daycare or areas used by the Early Childhood Education program where young children may be present;
  • in any temporary or permanent installation on campus;
  • on the grounds of and in the facilities of the Lachute Field Station or any other satellite campus grounds or facilities owned or leased by Vanier
  • in any College vehicle carrying two or more people and in any other area where there is a sign prohibiting smoking;
  • and to sell tobacco products, other smoking substances, electronic cigarettes or promote tobacco products on College premises.

Offenders may face the possibility of disciplinary action from the College. A verbal warning will be given for a first offence. In case of a second offence, a fine will be given to the offender.

In keeping with guidelines introduced by the Quebec government’s Minister of Health and Social Services designed to curb tobacco use in public institutions, Vanier College will also launch an annual anti-smoking campaign on campus in collaboration with the College’s Student Association. As well, the College is committed to posting new signage and publicizing this new policy to ensure all employees and students as well as visitors are made aware of it.

When applicable, the College can provide resources/support services to members of the College’s Community who are seeking to stop using tobacco products.

As requested by the Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services, the College will provide an update to the Board of Directors every two years regarding the implementation of this policy and how it is being enforced across campus. The College will then transmit this report to the Minister’s office within 60 days of its filing to the Board.



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