Recently, a group of Vanier College students donated $2,500 worth of toys to Sainte-Justine Hospital. 

The project was led by Health Science student Hanna Sonigo, the special projects officer for the Vanier College Students Association, and Sarah Hazan. The toys were the prizes students won from playing games, and were donated by iToyz, a local toy company.  Every toy won was donated to the hospital and was a way for students to get involved and do something good for the children of the hospital.

“I chose to do this event because I am fortunate enough to be healthy, able to go to school and live a normal life, while others fight for their health in a hospital room,” says Hanna.  “It breaks my heart to see children suffer because they are so young and have experienced so little. This is a way for me, for the VCSA, for iToyz and for Vanier students to put a smile on these children’s faces.”

Hanna is not the only one who is happy to help the sick children.  Avi Benchimol and David-Alexandre Wolf, longtime friends and owners of iToyz also wanted to do more than run a business and sell toys.  “We always promised each other to give back to children that are less fortunate than others,” they say.

The Vanier project gave them the opportunity to do just that.  “After a very successful holiday season, we are giving back $2500 to kids who need it.  Our goal is to make this an annual event and give a bigger amount every year to Sainte-Justine Hospital. ”

Toys for Ste-Justine Hospital


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