When we think of worlds, planets are usually what immediately come to mind. But when Vanier College presents the 2014 Vanier College English Department’s annual symposium entitled, Possible Worlds, it’s something other than planets that will be explored for three days, from October 29 to the 31st.

“Worlds can be more than just physical places,” says English teacher Alan David Wong who has organized this year’s event. “They can be moments in our lifetime, aspects of our identities, ways of being and belonging. Indeed, on could say we inhabit many different worlds, often simultaneously. We also often imagine worlds—dreamscapes that offer us new narratives, visions of the future, and of course, possibilities.”

The symposium, will present a variety of panels, readings, and performances that touch on the many different worlds that surround us. The symposium offers an exciting opportunity for audiences to learn about new worlds while adding to their knowledge of the worlds they already know.

Some of the highlights will be performances such as “8 Ways My Mother Was Conceived” with Michaela Di Cesare who will perform in this autobiographical play on Wednesday, October 29th at 4 pm and panels featuring writers from the Writers-in-Cegep program. “Speaking the Youth” with critically acclaimed Montreal YA authors Day’s Lee and Lori Weber will take place on Wednesday, October 29th at 2 pm.  “The Pen Is Mightier…:Writing Politics into Literature” with writer Norman Nawrocki and poet activist Ehab Lotayef will take place on Friday, October 31st at 12pm.

 Other interesting events include Miranda Campbell, author of Out of the Basement: Youth Cultural Production and Policy, who will discuss her observations of youth creativity in the 21st century, looking at how youth enter into and engage in creative industries and the issues they face in remaining there; as well Rae Spoon, a superstar in the LGBTQ community will be speaking on the panel for “We’re Here! We’re Queer! We’re Writing!” that will take place on Thursday, October 30th at 4 pm.

All events will take place in the auditorium (A-103), with the exception of the Coffee House, which will take place in the Reading Room at The Learning Centre (B-221). Copies of speakers’ books will be available for purchase at the entrance of the Auditorium throughout the Symposium.

Check the complete schedule for details. 

2014 English Symposium FINAL

2014 English Symposium FINAL FR

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