Teamwork, lots of practice, a clear understanding of accounting and marketing fundamentals, and the ability to communicate a business solution under pressure are the keys to success in a case competition.  Again this year, Vanier College proved that its Accounting and Marketing students are in firm possession of those abilities when two Vanier teams took second place honors at the 2018 Dawson College Case Competition on April 15, 2018. This year 11 CEGEP teams from across the province of Quebec competed in the Finance case competition and 11 teams participated in the Marketing Case Competition.

Congratulations to the Vanier Accounting Team of Victoria Palermo, Jonathan Paniccia, Krista Forget and Amgad Morgan, all third-year students in the Vanier Business Administration – Accounting program and their coach Anna Schiavi, for their Silver Medal victory.

As well, congratulations to Isaiah Paul Cole, Isabella Mirasola, Dylan Papineau and Krystal Milo, third year Marketing students and their coaches David Moscovitz and Peter Vogopoulos, who also won Silver in the Marketing competition.

During the Finance competition, students have three hours to prepare a full business and financial analysis using financial ratios as well as industry benchmark ratios. Based on the results of this financial analysis the team must outline a plan of action and implementation for the company in question.  They are then given 20 minutes in which to present their case using a PowerPoint slide presentation before a panel of industry judges and professional accountants.

“Of what use is classroom-focused education if it cannot be applied?” says Anna Schiavi Accounting Teacher and Team coach. “Taking knowledge from the classroom and applying it is the ultimate confidence booster to any student.  This is what preparing and competing in the Dawson Case Competition offered to the Vanier Business Administration Accounting Case Team.”

“With zero prior knowledge of how to put together a case presentation for an annual report of a Canadian company the team jumped into head- first.  They trained for 12-weeks with a minimum of 5 hours per week. Training is an extracurricular activity that takes place outside of class time. In preparing for the case competition the Vanier Accounting team took on a task way out of their comfort zone.  And the hard work and persistence paid off as the Vanier Accounting team prepared and presented a University grade Case before a panel of Industry judges, a presentation that earned the team a 2nd place podium spot at the Dawson Case Competition.”

David Moscovitz was also jubilant with the success of the Vanier Marketing team that had previously won a Gold Medal at the Vanier College BDC Case Challenge in February. “Participating in a case competition gives Marketing students the opportunity to think like future marketers.  The ability to study a case in three hours and come up with a viable marketing solution will serve these students well in their future studies and careers.”

Congratulations to all these students for their hard work and success.

Dawson Case Competition 2018

Dawson Case Competition 2018 FR

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