Annie Claude Banville, Academic Dean of Vanier College, is pleased to announce the official launch of the Vanier Academic Voices magazine. The magazine will be published once a semester and will feature diverse content including recent publications by Vanier faculty members, pedagogical book reviews, and researcher profiles. The magazine is also designed to showcase what is happening at Vanier in terms of ongoing projects, partnerships and multidisciplinary collaborations.

“What a pleasure it has been to discover such curious, engaged, and devoted faculty and staff, and how impressive it has been to discover the engagement in research, innovation and partnerships! We are very fortunate because Vanier College has so many different programs and departments and there is so much pedagogical activity taking place. One of the goals of Vanier Academic Voices is to allow faculty and staff members to share ideas from their respective areas and discover what’s being done by their peers.  We are always trying to improve, offer the best quality of education and will always be working for student success, amongst other things.  We hope this will be a tool people want to keep for future reference and we will gladly share with other Cegeps,” said Annie Claude Banville.

Some of the content included in the inaugural edition will feature articles on topics such as peer tutoring, active learning, Indigenous Education and the role of contributing disciplines in programs.

The magazine is also designed to encourage academic sector engagement throughout Vanier by publishing articles submitted by individuals who work in different capacities at the College, including teachers, pedagogical counselors, academic advisors and managers. As well, the publication’s design was conceptualized by students studying in Vanier College’s Office Systems Technology: Micropublishing and Hypermedia program.

“I have often said that it’s extremely important to Celebrate What’s Right at Vanier and this new magazine is definitely an excellent forum to highlight and recognize the passion, energy and quality of pedagogical initiatives at our College. At the same time it will stimulate debate on issues, encourage team work and collaboration and promote student oriented initiatives as well as individual projects,” said Vanier College’s Director General John McMahon.

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