Vanier College is pleased to announce that on October 8, 2014, it is launching a portal and access to intranet on its website.  The portal that will provide internal communication services to the Vanier community will be integrated through the Omnivox system.  It will assemble a menu of the webpages Vanier students and employees use most frequently on the Vanier website and facilitate and accelerate their access.

“The idea of launching an intranet portal on the Vanier website had been discussed for many years, but the technological challenges and conditions required to create such an intranet were too expensive,” says Darren Becker, Vanier College Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs.  “However, in the past year the cost of such a system has become acceptable and we decided to explore this idea and launch the portal this fall.  We started designing the site last winter and we are happy that the service is now ready to be activated.”

Webpages available through the portal will include the Events calendar, the Mio messaging system, the Léa system for class information and grades, as well as links to Omnivox pages with information on class cancellations, carpooling, online pay stubs, tax receipts, surveys, etc.

Beyond providing quick access to a variety of webpages, the portal will allow for the creation of communities on interest online centering on subjects or topics relevant to subgroups of the Vanier Community.  These online communities of interest will support the exchange of comments between group members and provide a forum for discussions.

The portal will also facilitate access to VTV, Vanier’s on campus, online television network service, which hosts a wide range of categories of videos about Vanier College.  For example there are videos about events taking place on campus, students and teachers of interest, student accomplishments, sports activities, college information videos, communications from the Director General, and live streaming of some on-campus events.

Portal launch on Vanier website

Portal launch on Vanier website FR




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