After several years of organizing sustainability projects and working to cut down on the college’s carbon footprint, Vanier’s efforts have paid off.  ENvironnement JEUnesse (ENJEU) announced recently that Vanier College has attained the Excellence Level certification as a Cégep Vert du Québec 2012-2013.

Criteria to achieve for the Excellence Level
In order to obtain the environmental certification Cégep Vert du Québec (Level Excellence), Vanier had to fulfill the criteria of Levels 1, 2 and 3 and undertake additional projects such as:

  • creating a full-time college position related to the environment
  • creating student jobs related to sustainable development
  • Implementing measures to encourage responsible purchasing practices including the use of local suppliers
  • promoting active means of transportation including offering Vanier employees free bicycle tune-ups, a bicycle emergency kit readily available and improved bicycle parking
  • promoting the use of public transportation by subsidizing year-round transit users through the Opus & cie Program
  • organizing a Sustainable Earth Week
  • fostering the well-being of employees by encouraging staff to use the sports facilities and follow exercise classes over lunch.

Future Shop Tech Grant
Vanier also received a $5000 Future Shop tech grant.  According to Thierry Lopez, of Future Shop “The grant is to create, renovate and update a space with new technology to bring to life the green projects of the cegep.  The criteria are innovation of a project that should last in time and have an environmental impact. Only  cegeps are eligible.”

Grant will benefit Environmental and Wildlife Management Program
The Future Shop tech grant will go to the Vanier Environmental and Wildlife Management Program.  Students in the program are currently using G.I.S. software to analyze environmental data for the Borough of St-Laurent and new equipment obtained thanks to the Future Shop grant should allow them to increase their capabilities.

”The Vanier community is rallying behind this certification and sustainability is being incorporated as part of our vision for our long term project of educating citizens who are aware of the important role they play in society,” says, Richard Dugas, the Vanier Sustainability Officer.

Cegep Vert niveau Excellence certification for Vanier 2012-13 Final

Cégep Vert niveau excellence pour Vanier 2013 FR

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