Vanier College and the Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Foundation are pleased to be hosting the Justice and Accountability conference, March 30th-March 31st 2017. This unique event, which is open to the public, aims to stimulate a community conversation among policy makers, diplomats, and concerned groups around the issue of justice and accountability that are at the forefront of current global concerns at a time when racism, discrimination, anti-democracy and far right movements are on the rise.

This two-day conference precedes the 25th anniversary of the annual Symposium on the Holocaust and Genocide at Vanier College, April 3rd to April 7th. Both the conference and symposium are organized in collaboration with the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, founded by Professor Irwin Cotler, and the Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Foundation.

“Vanier is very proud to be raising awareness of these important issues and we are entirely committed to continuing the journey of Holocaust education,” said Vanier’s Director General John McMahon.

Speakers at the conference include Vanier graduate Dr. Charles Small, founder and Director of the Institute for The Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy and Dr. Alaa Murabit. As well, Paul Karwatsky of CTV News Montreal will be moderating a panel discussion on the topic of Pursuing Justice for Political Prisoners.

Throughout the conference, remote links will be created that will subsequently be webcast from Montreal to classrooms in Plattsburgh’s State University of New York and Northern Quebec schools. This is being made possible thanks to the collaboration of Mountain Lake PBS and Learn Quebec. As well, thanks to livestreaming, individuals around the world will have access to the conference.

“This initiative offers concrete proof of the advantages that technology can provide by eliminating geographical distances for the benefit of education,” said Vanier teacher Marlene Grossman, who helped organize the conference.

The conference will feature guest speakers as well as several panel discussions on a variety of topics, including hate speech in the digital age, and justice and accountability as it relates to indigenous peoples, political prisoners, community building, antisemitism, human rights, and immigration.

Over the years, thousands of people have attended the Symposium, a unique opportunity to sensitize Vanier’s students and staff as well as members of the larger community to the horrors of the past while also focusing on genocide, discrimination and prejudice taking place in the present. In keeping with this educational mission, in May, 40 students from Vanier and the State University of New York at Plattsburgh will be travelling to Europe in a program entitled Moral Responsibility and Global Citizenship.

Consult the detailed program and schedule at:

All conference events take place in the Vanier Auditorium and are open free of charge to the public. Please register in advance at:

This conference is organized with the support of the Vanier College Foundation.

Justice and Accountability Conference News release

Justice and Accountability Conference News release FR

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