Vanier College is hosting the meetings of the Council of Deans of Trades and Apprenticeship Canada (CDTAC) and the National Council of Deans of Technology (NCDOT). More than 55 Deans of Trades and Technology from across the country will be present at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Montreal from May 20th to May 22nd 2015. Some of the issues that will be discussed are interprovincial barriers to student mobility and credentials recognition, the varying structure of technology education in Canada and best practices which can be transferred to each college. 

“It is rather fitting that Vanier College is hosting these two major conferences since we have always been a very student-focused institution. Even though the CEGEP network is currently facing momentous budget cuts from the provincial government, colleges in Quebec remain a source of inspiration for schools across the country. I am convinced the discussions we will have over the course of this three-day event will be extremely informative as we look at trends and possibly harmonizing programs and trades education across Canada,” said Michael Sendbuehler, Dean of the Faculty of Careers and Technical Programs at Vanier College as well as Chair of CDTAC and executive member from Quebec of NCDOT.

Some Vanier highlights at the conferences will include teacher Melodie Hicks discussing the Vanier Malawi Nursing Exchange program and explain how this type of exchange can transform the education of students – even if they did not go on the exchange – because the exchange itself is an agent of change for the entire program. As well, teacher David Moscovitz present the Vanier College – BDC Case competition, which is the most prestigious college-level event of its kind in Canada, and describe how other colleges can reproduce a similar event on their campuses. Vanier’s Haritos Kavallos will also present the winners of a design competition for a proposed STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Centre to the assembled Deans.

Deans from 10 provinces will be present, as will a number of Government of Canada officials. Vanier College last hosted the NCDOT conference in 2007.

Council of Deans of Trades and Apprenticeship Canada and NCDOT Conference 2015

Council of Deans of Trades and Apprenticeship Canada and NCDOT Conference 2015 FR

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