Vanier College is pleased to announce that Computer Engineering Technology teacher John Salik has received the 2017-2018 Vanier College Teaching Excellence Award. 

In particular, John Salik was nominated for his guidance, support, mentoring and respect for his students and his belief in them to succeed; for his contagious enthusiasm and his ability to reach out and inspire his students; his ability to promote creativity in the classroom; and his determination to modernize the CET Department facilities and to keep up with industry trends to offer better learning opportunities to students.

Admired and appreciated by students and colleagues alike, John received this award in recognition of his innovation teaching approaches in the classroom and for their positive impact on his students and for his creative and tireless work toward the revision of the Computer Engineering Technology Program.

“For three years, John Salik worked with me to increase the relevancy of mathematics to CET students through the selection of appropriate examples and use of specialized software,” says Evgenij Kritchevski, professor in the Mathematics Department who supported John’s nomination for this award. “John foresees the strong role of Mathematics within his Department as they work on their new framework. He believes that the more complex algorithms that they will be teaching in their new courses will need a more solid math background.”

John Salik has had a profound and transformative influence on the Computer Engineering Technology program. According to Mohamed Tavakoli, Coordinator of the CET Department, “John has been proactive in exposing our students to real-world education, not just academics. This is one of his strong points.” Among John Salik’s contributions to the department, he has developed a first AI course for Vanier students and is developing AI course material, labs and experiments. He has also established the first 3D printing facility within CET and is working to open up the equipment to the wider Vanier community.

As well, John has been instrumental in the modernization of CET labs with new, state-of-the-art equipment including spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, arbitrary function generators, digital multi-meters and power supplies. John worked to introduce equipment so that students learn to produce printed circuit boards and to learn reflow soldering of miniature components and has worked to procure several robotics platforms for student use in large projects across courses.

In addition to working on a modern CET program to produce highly competent graduates, students also appreciate the help John Salik offered students outside the classroom. They say, “He is around when most needed, ready to help in any student project, whether it be academic, extracurricular or any personal project such as helping us write our CVs or finding a university that will best suit us.”

Michael Sendbuehler, Dean of Science and Technology, said, “John brings fresh air to the department and students follow him.  He is a mover and shaker and has transformed how CET is perceived internally and externally.”

Congratulations to John Salik for his imaginative and passionate contribution to his students and to teaching.

Teaching Excellence Award 2017-2018 John Salik CET final

Teaching Excellence Award 2017-2018 John Salik CET final 3 FR

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