For a 6th year, Vanier College is proud to hold “Women of Science” from October 9th to the 11th, 2018, a series of talks celebrating women who work in science and learning about their research activities. On the program, presentations on research in physics, mathematics, medicine, biology and oncology and a panel discussion on women studying and working in science.

“The enthusiastic response to our celebration of Women of Science comes not only from students who can imagine pursing research or careers in STEM, but also from the speakers who are willing role models to encourage these students in that path,” says biology teacher Stephanie Felkai who is the principal organizer of the event. “This year, Vanier alumna Raghdah Bollok who was a student during our first Women of Science celebration in 2013, is participating on our panel discussion to share her experiences of graduate studies in Physical Therapy. She is an example of someone who has been encouraged to study in STEM and who now wants to share what she loves about her field.” Speakers include the following.

On Tuesday, October 9th, Laura Nilson, Professor of Biology at McGill University, will describe her research on the molecular mechanisms that generate patterns of gene expression and cell fate in a developing tissue.

Wednesday morning on October 10th, Tami Pereg-Barnea, Associate Professor of Physics at McGill University, will survey some of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics and see how the microscopic world of the tiny particles, which make up everything in our world, is governed by the laws of quantum physics rather than by the laws of classical physics.

That same day a Panel Discussion, will take place from 12:30 to 2 pm with guest panelists:
Celeste Melize Ferrus, undergraduate in Physics at Concordia University; Dulce Cayetano, in Génie en technologies de l’information at École de technologies supérieure; Chrystelle El-khoury, in Doctorat de premier cycle en médicine at Université de Montréal; Raghdah Bollok, Master’s candidate in the Department of Physical Therapy at McGill University; and Maria C. Gentile, Bachelor of Science, specializing in Biology at Concordia University. Panelists will be introduced with a few brief words from Dr. Tanja Tajmel, Associate Dean of the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Later in the afternoon at 2 pm, Alina Stancu, Professor in the Department of Math and Statistics at Concordia University, will give a talk entitled “Math in Perspective: Anamorphosis” and discuss the geometric transformations that produce the anamorphoses and experiment with hidden images using a curved mirror.

On October 11th at 10 am, Brigitte Pientka, Associate Professor in School of Computer Science at McGill University, will talk about the gender gap in Computer Science. McGill University has one of the highest enrolments of women in computer science in Canada. This talk will highlight some strategies that worked to counter the general trend of declining numbers of women in this field and discuss why we should care about diversity in computer science.

Thursday afternoon, Dr. Sonia Del Rincon, from the Department of Oncology at McGill University, will discuss identifying novel druggable targets in melanoma. Dr. Del Rincon’s research interests include pregnancy associated breast cancer and melanoma, both highly metastatic diseases.

All talks take place in the Vanier Auditorium and are open to the public.

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