Vanier College Business Administration TeamThey were set, they were ready, and using their knowledge of business and finance they made a trophy-winning presentation. Iulian Boz, Alisha Britton, Chelsea DeFelice Vergerio, Brittany Weekes (alternate) and Nawajeevan Nageswaren (alternate), all Vanier Accounting Management Technology students of the Business Administration Program, handily captured first place in the Dawson College Bilingual Case Competition, on March 27, 2011, against eleven other cegeps. This is the second year Vanier has fielded a Finance Team in the competition and the second time Vanier has come home with the winner’s trophy.

Hard work and commitment
Finance Team coach Anna Schiavi’s back-to-back win is not by accident. In three months of preparation, she enables students to develop a strong grasp of key financial ratios so that they can assess an organization’s financial health quickly and derive the implications for key stakeholders. Because students volunteer to become part of her team they come in already keen to participate in the gruelling preparation.

“These students faced a huge challenge and through hard work and commitment answered this challenge,” says Anna Schiavi. “They were nervous but with tireless efforts, hard work and dedication spanning the preparation period they got ready to compete. All of the preparation for this event was done outside of class time, including Spring Break. Now that’s commitment!”

What’s a finance case competition?
In a finance case competition, students have three hours to analyze the annual report of a company then make a presentation before a panel of judges, in which they analyze the company’s performance, project future possibilities and make recommendations to the company’s stakeholders.

Marketing students start the day
Marketing students, Vanessa Aviles, Aman Bhandal, and Michael Proscino also competed in the Marketing Case section of the Case Competition deftly trail blazing as they headed off the day’s competition.

Enhancing student learning outside the clasTerrific learning opportunity
“Having Vanier Marketing and Accounting students participate in case competitions of this nature, is a vital tool that enhances student learning,” says David Moscovitz, Coordinator of Vanier College Business Administration and Marketing team coach. “Taking the students out of the classroom to activities like this gives them a real world experience and allows them to put into practice what they learn in the classroom.”

Vanier College Business Administration Team

Vanier College Business Administration TeamVanier College Business Administration TeamVanier College Business Administration Team

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