On March 31, 2015, at a regular meeting, the Vanier College Board of Directors adopted a resolution objecting to the recent announcement by the Quebec government to cut $40 million from the operating budgets of all public CEGEPs. For Vanier College this means that approximately $1.133 million must be cut from its budget. This $1.133 million is in addition to $900,000 in cuts from last year’s budget bringing the total to approximately $2 million.

“We are extremely concerned about the government’s decision,” said Normand W. Bernier, Vanier College Director General. “We understand the government’s austerity measures aimed at redressing Quebec’s financial situation and achieving a zero deficit budget and support the need to put Quebec finances on a healthier footing. However, Vanier College feels that the government is moving too fast in the education sector. Although we disagree with the measure, Vanier will respect the government’s demand and will do everything possible to ensure we don’t reduce services to students. In order to reduce the impact as much as possible in the coming weeks we will be reviewing all of our expenses to see how we will adjust in order to meet the government’s decision.”

At its March 31st meeting, the Vanier College Board of Directors adopted the following resolution:

Whereas as part of its austerity measures the provincial government is cutting $40 million in spending across the CEGEP network;

Whereas Vanier College could have difficulty providing first rate services to students if it cannot plan efficiently due to recurrent budget cuts;

Whereas Vanier College sees the recurrent budget cuts as unreasonable, creating a major challenge to its continued offering of first rate services to students;

Whereas over the coming weeks Vanier College will be looking at how it can address these cuts while still offering excellence in education to our students;

Be it resolved that the Vanier College Board of Directors opposes the latest provincial government’s budget cuts in education aimed at CEGEPs and encourages other Board of Directors in the CEGEP network to adopt similar resolutions.

Board of Directors objects to 2015 govt budget cuts to Cegeps Final

Board of Directors objects to 2015 govt budget cuts to Cegeps Final FR


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