Saint Laurent, June 6th 2016 – Vanier College today became the first CEGEP to use the .college domain extension.

“There are many advantages to this change since the new .college domain name is very user-friendly, shorter to type than our existing domain name and is easier for current and prospective students to remember,” said Darren Becker, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Vanier.

As of today Vanier College’s website will also be available at This change is in line with other innovative features introduced by Vanier’s Communications and ITSS Departments including VTV or Vanier Television, an on-line network producing live and recorded content for students and staff, VanierWalk,which offers a 360 degree tour of the entire college and the college’s Interactive map.

“The college recently completely revamped its Homepage in order to facilitate navigation of the website and we feel that the new college domain name will serve to further help strengthen Vanier’s web presence and provide ease of access to our online visitors,” said Darren Becker.

Source and Information:
Marguerite Corriveau
Vanier Communications
(514) 744-7500 ext. 7596

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