Mr. Normand W. Bernier, Director General of Vanier College, has made a formal request to the Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche as well as the President of the Treasury Board that they finance the costs of a heritage study. The heritage study is required due to a decision made by the Borough of St-Laurent to adopt a new regulation in September requiring that local institutions undertake studies of their buildings and grounds to declare their heritage interest/value.

“The intention is laudable and we can understand that the borough might wish to provide itself with such a development plan. However, for institutions that are already aware of the heritage value of their buildings it’s not obvious what the use would be of investing in such a study. The financial context and the resources of the cegeps do not permit the financing of such a project. The mission of a cegep is first and foremost to offer high quality education and support services and development both to its students and its personnel,” said Mr. Bernier

The Vanier College Board of Directors adopted a resolution last night officially asking the Quebec government to cover the costs of such a study.

At the Board meeting, Mr. Bernier underlined his worry concerning the consequences for Vanier College should it decide not to proceed with such a study.

“The representatives of the borough maintain that the results of this study could be important in the case of major modifications or expansion of our buildings. However, while cegeps are legal persons, they cannot tear down, transform or enlarge buildings without the express authorization of the government, the ultimate owner of the premises,” concluded Mr. Bernier.

Copy of the resolution adopted by the Board of Directors of Vanier College on November 24, 2015

Recommendation :

  • Given that cegep facilities are the property of the provincial government
  • Given that the imperative for heritage conservation issues from provincial decisions
  • Given that the financial resources provided to educational establishments are linked to a governmental desire to not affect services to students in spite of budget cuts
  • Given that the college’s financial envelope does not contain any resource for such a study
  • Given that the majority of cegeps, all subject to the same budget constraints, will not be required to undertake such studies of heritage interest
  • Given the recommendation of the Director General’s office

It is proposed and recommended that Vanier College send a formal request to the Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche as well as to the President of the Treasury Board so that the financing necessary for such a study be assumed by the Ministry.




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