Vanier College and the cégep de Saint-Laurent are pleased to welcome the announcement by the Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) that it plans to implant the first cyber physical laboratory in Canada in Saint-Laurent. The project will be realized by CRIQ in partnership with Festo.

This project lines up perfectly with the plans of the two institutions to seek more involvement with business and industry, particularly in the area of Continuing Education. Indeed, the administrations of these institutions foresee a tremendous opportunity for exchanges between students, the business community and the Quebec network of innovative industries.

Thanks to this investment in Saint-Laurent, the two educational institutions will provide the expertise to study the possibility of developing a program of study adapted to the new requirements of Industry 4.0.

“This project will allow students to have access to cutting edge installations for training. This valuable addition to the education of future technicians will create a better trained workforce that will help companies make the necessary technological changes,” says Mathieu Cormier, Director General of the cégep de Saint-Laurent.

“During this new era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, we must speed up the development of new competencies since they are a key component of assuring a successful technological change. This project is a splendid opportunity to align our training programs with the true needs of manufacturing industries,” says John McMahon, Director General of Vanier College.

As well, the new website, Unis pour les travailleurs de Saint-Laurent , created by the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board, Vanier College and the cégep de Saint-Laurent, offers training aimed at responding to the needs of the job market.


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