It takes a remarkable team of people to put on noteworthy events and offer great services to students.  This year Vanier College is honouring two outstanding teams with 2012-13 Employee Recognition Team Awards: the team that designed and implemented the new universal complementary course entitled Holocaust and Totalitarianism: Journeys through Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic; and the Nursing Recruitment Integration and Identity Team.  The Team Award recognizes teams involved in a particular project that work cohesively, demonstrate a shared commitment to providing exceptional service and use their combined expertise to produce high quality results.

The Holocaust-Totalitarianism Course
The Holocaust-Totalitarianism Course team consisted of Sevak Manjikian, Mike Besner, Frédérique Denis, Rhys Adams, Gisela Mutter, Eric Lozowy, and the International Education Office. The Project consisted of three phases: 1) The design of the course, including writing the course framework, 2) The team-teaching of the course; and 3) a class trip to Europe (Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic) during March Break 2013 involving 38 Vanier students and 5 faculty members.

Making the lessons of the classroom come alive
According to the nomination, “This team deserves the Team Award because the team members have such different skill-sets, but they all worked together with a student-centered focus and a commitment to enriching student learning by combining a travel abroad experience with a course.” This course, with its integrated international trip, is a first at Vanier.  It aimed to give students the conceptual and historic background to Totalitarianism and the Holocaust in Europe, then to make the course come alive by travelling to important sites associated with the material studied in class.  This allowed students to make links in person and fully understand critical aspects of 20th century history.

The Nursing Recruitment Integration and Identity Team
The Nursing Recruitment Integration and Identity Team consisted of Mechelina Thissen, Elizabeth Frioud, Heidi Bakerman, Janice Stephenson, Michelina Catallozzi, Micky Antoniazzi, and Paul Amargo. This team of Nursing teachers mastered the art of presenting their program in a professional and exciting manner to prospective students. They spearhead the work of all Nursing teachers on integrating students into the Program, the profession and Vanier.  Their work also helps provide a sense of identity and team building for students who spend as much as 80% of their semester away from the college. They have refined and adapted their approach so that they have set a standard of best practices for student recruitment, integration and identity.

Congratulations to both teams for their inspiring work.

Download Team Achievement Award 2012-13 PDF

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