vanier-collegeVanier College is pleased to announce that several College representatives will make presentations at the 36th Annual AQPC (Association Québécoise de Pédagogie Collégiale) Symposium that will take place at CEGEP Garneau, in Quebec City, June 8 -10, 2016.

The symposium will bring together more than 1,000 teachers and education specialists who will attend workshops, presentations and discussions related to the theme of Competence, Culture and Citizenship. Through the symposium the AQPC aims to stimulate and enhance the teaching profession, promote innovative teaching practices and explore ways of improving current ones.

This year, 13 teachers and professionals from a dozen programs, departments and services at Vanier College will speak:

  • Jailson Lima, Rhys Adams: “Creativity in the Science Classes for Deeper Understanding”;
  • Richard Klopp, “Leveraging Student Potential in the Service of a Meaningful Community Project”;
  • Kim Mathews, Alan Wong, Sophia Grabowiecka, “Navigating Student Diversity in College Education”;
  • Kevin Lenton, “Orchestrating without Music: What’s Involved in Making Active Learning Work”;
  • Joshua Berman, “Peer-Tutoring Instructional Strategies and the Impact of Experience”;
  • Rachel Jobin, Josée Tamiozzo, “Voix croisées : la diversité culturelle en français langue seconde”;
  • Marc Bélanger, “Online Homework Exercises and Student Achievement”;
  • Isabelle Delisle, Maria Kanter, “Amener sa classe ailleurs avec l’enseignement virtuel en équipe”.

Next year, Vanier College in collaboration with CEGEP Saint-Laurent, will co-host the 37th Annual AQPC Symposium.

AQPC 2016 Vanier representatives ENG

AQPC 2016 Vanier representatives FR

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