As one of the employee recognition awards initiated by Director General Gilbert Héroux, the Front line Award recognizes and honours employees who are on the front line and who, by their actions motivate and inspire employees to excel in customer service. This year, Haritos Kavallos, who oversees the Math and Science Centre, is winner of the 2012-2013 Frontline Award.

Students come first
Brimming with energy and highly sensitive to the people with whom he works, Haritos animates and supports Science and Math activities in a style that speaks to the main audience, the students. Always positive and always willing, Haritos, remembers and discharges every obligation or suggestion in an enthusiastic and supportive manner.

Organizing exciting Math and Science activities and events
At any point during the school year, Haritos is often seen running around organizing or supervising events or helping students out with some of the big projects that take place at Vanier.  In the Autumn, the Bridge Building Competition is one of the highlights of Science activities and Haritos organizes that.  As well he helps out the students who start to put the Vanier Robotics team together.  Alongside these hands-on projects he organizes the Science lecture series, Math competitions and Chess competitions. 

Always there to help the students with their projects
During the Winter semester, Haritos is often at the college late into the evening making sure students have what they need to finalize the construction of their robot for the CRC Robotics Competition in mid-February. Then he devotes much of his time to organizing Science Week in March – lining up guest speakers and demonstrators, booking lecture rooms and the auditorium then coordinating the activities, including guest presenters in the Student Mall, the Pi reciting and Pie eating Competition, the Math and Science Coffeehouse, and finally the local competition of Science on tourne!

Making Science and Math fun
Through it all, Haritos makes things look easy.  His empathy for the students and his evident love of things scientific and technical means the students feel comfortable with him and in turn he is able to represent their needs and aspirations effectively. Always positive and willing, he makes the Math and Science Centre a place of stimulus and fun and in fact, he looks like he’s having as much fun as the students are.

Congratulations to Haritos Kavallos a most deserving winner of the 2012-2013 Frontline Award.

Haritos Kavallos wins 2012-13 Front Line Award

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