When is a lot of a good thing, too much of a good thing? When the good thing is antibiotics, and too much is overuse leading to antibiotic resistant superbugs. That’s just one of the topics that will be explored during Vanier College 3rd annual Science Week from March 19-28, 2012, and longer.

The festival is a chance to celebrate science and take a closer look at a number of interesting topics. Combining science and science fiction, Vanier’s Stephen Cohen will explain the concept and challenges of building the “Space Elevator” – a 100,000 km vertical corridor from Earth to outer space that may see the light of day in a not too distant future.

Tuesday, March 20 is Pi Day and no Science Week would be complete without a contest to see who can recite the most digits of pi correctly, or eat the most pie. And what could be better than food, fun, and pi? As Well, in the afternoon, Dr André Pascal from McGill University will talk about biological warfare in his lecture entitled: “Emerging infections, naturally occurring or criminally introduced.”

It’s time for more fun on Wednesday with a grand game of Science Pictionary in the Math and Science Centre. Later that day, Anthony Ricciardi of McGill University will make a presentation on the growing problem of invasive species.

On Thursday, it’s the challenges of power generation of its effect on the environment that will come under the microscope. There will also be a number of activities related to World Water Da, and a presentation from Dr. Robert Smith? (sic) from the University of Ottawa on neglected tropical diseases that currently infect a billion people worldwide and kill almost 534,000 people a year.

Friday morning, Dr. Robert Smith? (sic) will present a mathematical model of Beiber fever. And in the afternoon it’s time for the Vanier finals of Science on tourne! – the annual engineering competition that this year challenged budding Vanier engineers to build a device capable of launching a projectile as far as possible using only gravitational energy.

Because of the student General Assembly and the possibility of a strike, events will continue into the following week. On Tuesday, March 27, Don Hetherington, former Vanier Dean of Science, will take his audience on a tour of habitable planets when he explains some of the most recent discoveries in astrophysics pertaining to life elsewhere in the universe.

Finally on Wednesday March 28, Science Coffeehouse time in the Math and Science Centre when Vanier Science faculty and students showcase their artistic talents – musical, artistic, photographic and otherwise.

See the complete program of events for times and locations of activities and events.

Science Week 2012

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