Dedication to their community and to those around them and a desire to make the world a better place are the hallmarks of a V.I.P. – a Vanier Very Important Person. This year, the College is pleased to announce that John Lynch, Master Carpenter, and his wife Gale Martin, Supervisor, Payroll Services, are the Vanier Very Important People at the 2010-2011 Graduation Ceremony. They were selected for this honour because they do their jobs very, very well, and because of their devotion to Vanier and Vanier students.

Both work tirelessly to make the Vanier Community thrive and to make sure Vanier College “works” for everyone: teachers, students, staff and administrators. Their personal values motivate their work performances. Both are often placed in stressful positions because of the priorities and deadlines of their jobs…priorities and deadlines over which they have NO control. Yet both are characterized by their connectedness to what they do and why they do it.

“We can all understand that getting paid on time and having the roof not leak is important,” states Vanier College Director General, Gilbert Héroux, “and with a little imagination we can realize how tricky and complicated it can be to achieve these things seamlessly. Now add a dash of constantly changing rules, regulations, environmental concerns, aged buildings, and the changing demands and needs of motivated staff and students, and you will realize how valuable, how important it is to have Gale and John who take time to understand the problems, the repercussions of what they are doing for the institution and for the individuals that make up this institution.”

He goes on to say, “The stresses of their jobs, the fact that often their achievements go unheralded and unappreciated do not diminish Gale and John’s activities to improve Vanier College. Their dedication to service is an inspiration to those of us who know them and what they do.”

“For several years John worked with students of the Robotics Club as their technical advisor,” states Bev Chandler, “but one year he told me the particular group he was working with at that moment, was outstanding and deserved recognition. Thanks to him they received Student Awards. His concern made a difference.” John’s wife Gale echoes Bev’s words, “John comes home so excited about working with students. He’s got the same enthusiasm as the kids and a deep appreciation for the importance of education.” In fact, John says the best part of his job is dealing with students and helping them. “They keep me young. They make me laugh. And they are so smart! Sometimes I’m amazed.”

Unlike John who works all over the college, Gale Martin, is hidden away in the Payroll Office. “No matter what, the payroll must get out,” she says, “and every person is as important as the next. Many of our students need to work and that two-hour paycheque might mean the difference between eating or not.” Gale Martin not only does her job well, but she loves both her job and Vanier College. “It’s such a beautiful campus and when I look back on my thirty-one years at Vanier I see that by working here I have contributed something to a truly worthwhile place. I take it as an accomplishment that I have worked at Vanier. My favorite time of the year is Welcome Back Week in August. I love to watch the students – the fashion parade, the lost waifs, the groups of friends and those who are sitting and eating alone. After all, it’s the students who count.”

As this year’s V.I.P.s John Lynch and Gale Martin have the opportunity to award a scholarship to a graduating student of their choice.

John Lynch and Gale Martin 2011 VIPs

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