Mr. John McMahon, Director General of Vanier College, is pleased to announce the official inauguration of the new multidisciplinary Simulation Labs for its Nursing and Respiratory and Anaesthesia Technology programs. The simulation labs resemble actual hospital rooms and are equipped with high fidelity computerized patient simulator mannequins that can be programmed to simulate the reactions that a real patient would make according to their disease, the procedure being performed or a situation such as a life threatening health care emergency.

“This is a very important investment that will allow our students to learn a variety of interventions in a safe and realistic setting. Because the mannequins can simulate emergencies that must be handled by multi-disciplinary health care teams, the sim labs offer an ideal setting to practice medical interventions the way they are performed by nurses and respiratory therapists in the hospital,” said John McMahon.

The four patient simulator mannequins used in the sim labs represent an adult male and female, as well as a child and a newborn. Each lab consist of two rooms separated by one-way mirrors. One part of the lab is a realistic hospital room with the mannequins lying in bed surrounded by and attached to hospital room equipment and monitors. The other part of the lab is a debriefing room where teachers can observe students through the one-way mirror while they work on the patient mannequins. A computer attached to the mannequins allows the teacher to run a programmed scenario of symptoms and physiological data, such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure etc. that the students must measure and react to. The mannequins, which can bleed, speak, moan, choke, and cry, create very realistic situations for the students.

The new simulation labs were built thanks to a $162,000 investment by the Ministry of Education, a $50,000 donation from the Rossy Family Foundation and $5,000 from the Rotary Club.

As well, the sim labs are equipped with monitors and medical equipment donated to Vanier by various Montreal hospitals when they moved into the new super hospital.

“These new labs will truly enhance the learning process for our Nursing and Respiratory Technology students. When students do clinical internships in a hospital they cannot observe all the types of patient situations they will need to know how to manage when they go to work. Having every student use the mannequins to learn to treat a patient with varying health care problems such as a heart attack, an organ failure, or a respiratory crisis will definitely enrich their learning experience and their medical knowledge,” said Vanier College’s Academic Dean Annie-Claude Banville.

Nursing and RAT sim lab inauguration w photo ENG

Nursing and RAT sim lab inauguration FR w photo FR

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