“Above and beyond is the very definition of the kind of service Denis Lafontaine has been providing to the teachers and students of Vanier College for the past 30 years,” state members of the Nominating Committee for the ABDC Award. And this statement is a very apt description of Denis Lafontaine, the winner of 2010-2011 Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Vanier Employee Recognition Award.

As one of the awards created by Director General, Gilbert Héroux, to recognize the contribution of faculty and staff to the College, the ABCD Award honours a Vanier employee whose actions and activities contribute to the positive well-being of the Vanier community above and beyond expectations.

With glowing praise, Denis’ nominators state that “From the early days of Audio-Visual services at Snowdon to the present digital age of Information Technology at Ste-Croix, Denis Lafontaine has been working quietly and steadily behind the scenes to assist and instruct teachers, staff and students in the latest and most useful equipment and techniques for their projects and presentations.”

Many students, such as those in Special Care Counseling who are required to tape their presentations, have benefitted from Denis’s instructions on how to plan, set up, perform, film, edit and save their work. Every class and group, from the first to the fifteenth, receives the same patient, careful instruction from him.

“The growing success of the Vanier BDC Case Challenge is due in part to Denis as videographer,” states, David Moscovitz, organizer of the Case Challenge. “He is present filming the competition all weekend then follows through by designing individualized covers and editing and burning customized DVDs for each of the participating teams.”

“The popularity of the Vanier College Athletics web page, for which Denis won an Outstanding Contribution Award in 2007, owes much to Denis’s enthusiasm, skill and dedication,” indicate Marsha Hoyt and Jocelyn Trudeau, from the nominating committee. “His constant updating, detail-checking, story-writing, and photo-editing, even on weekends and evenings after work, and his attendance at games to take photos, keep the site timely and fresh.”

“Perhaps most significant is Denis’s indefatigable willingness to help whenever he is asked. Whether it’s a teacher on the other side on the building having trouble with equipment or a student struggling over a text or video, Denis will interrupt his own work to give them the help they need. Patient, cheerful, and thorough, he leaves everyone he helps better off.”

“After 30 years on the job some people run out of enthusiasm for their job and the clientele they work with, but Denis’s commitment continues to grow ‘like a fine wine’.”

Congratulations to Denis Lafontaine, winner of the 2010-2011 Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Vanier Employee Recognition Award.

Denis Lafontaine 2010-2011 ABCD Award with photo

Denis Lafontaine 2010-2011 ABCD Award FR w photo

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