Vanier College is please to announce that starting in August 2016, the Vanier Cooperative, a member of the Fédération québécoise de cooperatives en milieux scolaires (COOPSCO), has accepted to undertake the responsibility of running the college bookstore as a student run cooperative. The Board of Directors of the Vanier Cooperative voted unanimously to approve this decision.  Already responsible for the very successful Jake’s Café run as a cooperative, the Vanier Coop is looking forward to this new undertaking which will be a non-profit endeavour.

“We are very pleased to announce the creation of a new cooperative bookstore that will be an advantage for the entire Vanier community,” said Mr. Normand W. Bernier, Director General of Vanier College.

The new coop bookstore will present several advantages for students. First, since the coop is part of the COOPSCO federation, it will able to purchase much of the merchandise sold in the bookstore at competitive prices and therefore sell items to students at lower prices. Second, as members of the coop, students will get discounts on books.  In addition to better prices, the coop bookstore will also offer job opportunities for students.

Vanier College will be investing $170,000 in renovating the infrastructure of the current bookstore, while COOPSCO will invest in the renovation of the interior. Given that the bookstore is immediately adjacent to the student mall, the new bookstore will be a welcome enhancement of the entire area that sees hundreds of students pass by every day.

The coop bookstore will generate some revenue for the college through the rent it will pay the college, and as with the coop café, it’s anticipated that revenues generated by the bookstore will be donated to the college for the benefit of students.

Bookstore Coop announcement

Bookstore Coop announcement FR

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