Vanier College is proud to be participating in the month-long Francofête 2011, by holding is own first La semaine de la francophonie, March 21-25. Through various events and activities taking place throughout the week, the Vanier French Department aims to underline the value and the importance of the French language both in Quebec and in the world.

On the programme this week, is a poetry competition open to all students where they are challenged to write a poem under the theme of « Acting in French » and in which they must use the 10 key Francofête words: accueillant, agapes, avec, chœur, complice, cordée, fil, harmonieusement, main, resauter. There are also linguistic games taking place in the language lab and a dictation for all students.

Guest speakers this week include Gil Courtemanche, writer and columnist for the French newspaper Le Devoir, who will give a talk entitled « Agir en français au Québec », François Aird, Director of Cedrom-Sni, who will speak about the creation of Eureka, and Catherine Awad, MBA Internship advisor at McGill University who will speak on the importance of French in the workplace.

There will also be a screening of two films. The documentary film, “Le peuple invisible” by filmmakers Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie, about the Algonquin Nation in Quebec, will be followed by a discussion. Jean-Marc Vallée’s film, “C.R.A.Z.Y.” depicting the life of a Quebec family in the 1970s and 80s will also be followed by a discussion.

See the full schedule of activities.

La Semaine de la francophonie 2011 ENG

La Semaine de la francophonie 2011

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