Vanier College Students win awards at the Montreal United Nations Conference

What better way to learn about politics and international relations than by participating in simulations.  This year, several Vanier students were delegates at two Model United Nations events where they won awards for their outstanding performances. Big winners at the Montreal United Nations Conference (MUNC) November 21-23, 2014, Vanier sent 11 delegates to the Montreal […]

Ceremony to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Polytechnique tragedy: Joining hands to protest violence against women

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the tragedy at the École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1989, Collège Vanier, in partnership with the Cégep de Saint-Laurent and the Borough of Saint-Laurent, invited students and members of the community to form a human chain in a gesture of solidarity for women who are the victims of violence in […]

The Vanier College Students’ Association To Submit Memoir As Part of Quebec Government’s Public Consultation on Bullying and Intimidation

Majed Abou Alkhir, President of the Vanier College Students’ Association, is pleased to announce that the V.C.S.A. will be submitting a memoir as part of the provincial government’s public consultation on bullying and intimidation. Public consultations a chance for students to get involved “We feel that Family Minister Francine Charbonneau’s decision to hold a public […]

Vanier College Students Association Initiates Food Program to Help Students in Need

The Vanier College Students’ Association is pleased to announce it is using the introduction of its new student co-op café to help students in need. A total of 37 students have received $100 credits that can be used towards purchasing food at Jake’s café, a new-co-op venture that opened at Vanier last August. “This is […]

Vanier graduate Fatima Boulmalf wins 2014 Forces AVENIR bursary for her community engagement

Congratulations to Fatima Boulmalf, a Vanier Health Science graduate, now in Pre-Med at McGill University, who recently won a $4,000 Forces AVENIR 2014 bursary in the category of Étudiant Engagé – Committed Student, in recognition of her community involvement. Fatima received the award at the annual Forces AVENIR Gala held at the Théâtre Capitole in […]

Inauguration of Vanier College Synthetic Playing Field

Montreal, September 23rd 2014 – After a summer of intense construction work, the new Vanier College synthetic playing field was inaugurated at a special ceremony on Saturday, September 20, 2014. The field was built through a partnership between Vanier College, the Vanier College Students Association, the Quebec government and the Borough of St-Laurent. The ceremony […]

Vanier graduate Alexis Lahorra wins a Forces AVENIR bursary for spearheading an Anti-Bullying Awareness Campaign

What’s to be done about bullying in schools, online, in companies?  It’s a problem without a ready solution but Vanier graduate Alexis Lahorra didn’t let that stop her. She decided to run the “Stronger than a Rock” Anti-Bullying Awareness campaign. For her efforts, Alexis was recently awarded a $2,000 Forces AVENIR 2014 bursary in the category of […]

Strike against the mandatory Quebec history course

Dear Vanier College students. I would like to briefly explain the situation regarding the Quebec history course and the events leading to the student boycott of classes and its outcome. The Quebec provincial government has decided that all college students will have to take a mandatory Quebec history course. This new course will replace one […]

VCSA adopts motion to boycott classes and peacefully demonstrate against the new Quebec history course

At their last general assembly meeting the Vanier College Students Association (VCSA) unanimously adopted a motion to boycott classes and peacefully demonstrate against the new Quebec history course. The demonstration will be held on April 3rd, 2014. Classes will only be canceled if there are approximately 150 students in front of the college’s main entrance […]

Québec provincial election: Vanier College to host debate on the proposed Québec Charter of Values and other election issues on March 31st

Vanier College is pleased to announce that representatives of all sitting parties running in the April 7th 2014 election will be participating in a debate on the proposed Québec Charter of Values and other election issues.  The debate will be held at noon on Monday, March 31st 2014, in the Vanier College Auditorium (A-103), located […]

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