Vanier College Big Band Benefit Concert celebrates 40th anniversary with Oliver Jones and Vanier Alumni

This year the 13th Annual Vanier College Big Band Benefit Concert will be more than a concert. It will be a joyous celebration of Vanier’s 40th anniversary. The concert, which raises funds for music scholarships, will feature Jazz pianist, Oliver Jones, as both the host for the evening and the special guest artist who will […]

Vanier Grad wins the Mavis Gallant Award at the 2010 Quebec Writers’ Federation Literary Awards

Montreal, December 2, 2010. It was a great night for Vanier College at this year’s Quebec Writers’ Federation Literary Awards, held on November 23, 2010. First, Vanier Alumnus, Andy Nulman, President, Festivals and Television, Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, hosted the event and kept things moving along with a constant stream of charming, ironic and […]


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