How musicians manage to memorize entire scores of music, melting tropical glaciers, women in engineering, the Higgs boson, games and competitions – it’s all part of Vanier College Science Week 2014 (March 24th – 28th).  The week-long event celebrates science through fascinating talks and other activities.

Angels, demons and others
The week kicks off on Monday with several interesting guest speakers.  Dr. Brigitte Vachon from McGill University will give an intriguing talk entitled Angels and Demons – Fact and Fiction; Dr. Jeffrey McKenzie, McGill University, will discuss the impact of melting tropical glaciers on water resources, and students from the Women in Engineering Society at Concordia University will present the opportunities for women in the field of engineering.

The Higgs boson, memory and music
On Tuesday morning, the focus will be the Higgs boson when Dr. Don Hetherington delves into what it is and why it matters. In the afternoon Dr. Caroline Palmer from McGill, will turn her attention to music and memory performance.

 Space Elevators
Wednesday turns futuristic when Vanier Physics teacher Stephen Cohen tells us about Building and Operating an Elevator to Space.

 The benefits of student-led research
On Thursday, three innovative Vanier teachers Rhys Adams, Physics, Dr. Jailson De Lima, Chemistry, and Dr. Edward Awad, Biology, will discuss the Pedagogical Benefits of Student-Led Research Initiatives in the CEGEP Science and Career Programs.

Science on tourne!
Friday moning, Dr. Ariel Fenster of McGill takes a look at Science and Art: Facts and Fakes. In the afternoon, it’s the Science, on tourne! local competition: When Push comes to Shove! – a chance to see Vanier’s budding engineers test their inventions.

A new Vanier Science Journal
Other Science Week activities include the launch of a new Vanier Science Journal, Science Coffeehouse where science students and teachers get to perform and show off their music talents, and some fun with science board games.

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