Montreal May 4, 2010. It’s quite a feat to run a place the size of Vanier College, and when something breaks down, you want somebody who knows the college inside and out to make repairs before things grind to a halt. At Vanier, the man to call is Serge Ostiguy, winner of the 2009-2010 Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (ABCD) Vanier Employee Recognition Award.

As one of the awards created by Director General, Gilbert Héroux, to recognize the contribution of faculty and staff to the College, the ABCD Award honours a Vanier employee whose actions and activities contribute to the positive well-being of the Vanier community above and beyond expectations. This is exactly what Serge does 24/7!

Serge Ostiguy may be an HVAC specialist, but he is also that rare gem, a Jack-of-all-trades that others can count on for knowledge, expertise, and assistance in virtually all departments that run the physical facilities of the college. Most importantly, he is always ready to lend a hand.

“I recall when I started working for the college in 2005 there were many plumbing issues,” says Brendan Flynn, Manager of Services and Maintenance, “and there was Serge ready to assist me on every emergency, while balancing his regular work load, and always without a word said. And when the college hired a plumber, Serge helped him locate valves, advised on the circulation systems, and offered suggestions.”

“Serge will go beyond the call of duty to reach the required comfort level for the college,” says Brendan Flynn. “This could be arriving early, staying late, or simply verifying or adjusting conditions in a room on his laptop from home.”

But Serge doesn’t just stick to his job. He pitches in wherever necessary. “He has completed repairs for other departments, such as welding chairs and sporting equipment. When there is an emergency – plumbing, electrical, exterior grounds, roofs – Serge is always ready to assist!” No matter what, Serge says, “Just give me a call.”

Serge has also taken on students doing their internship in BSET and patiently guided them in understanding the importance of maintenance issues when designing buildings and or working as an engineer.

“He is always willing to assist, work-related or not, and this is what makes him a very special employee,” concludes Brendan Flynn. “Some people come to work for wages but Serge comes to work because he contributes, and it is part of his life.” Vanier is more than fortunate to have an employee of Serge’s dedication and calibre.

Serge Ostiguy 2010 winner of the ABCD Award ENG

Serge Ostiguy 2010 winner of the ABCD Award FR

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