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2011 Music Department Noon Concert Series: The Best of Drumology!
Wednesday, April 06, 2011
12:00 to 13:00
<p>Coming up this Wednesday during Universal Break in the Vanier Auditorium is one of our most anticipated events of the year: <strong><em>The Best of DRUMOLOGY!</em></strong> This year, as part of the college's 40th-anniversary celebrations, our drum teacher Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr is bringing back some of the most distinguished and talented drummers ever to grace these halls in the past fifteen years. Participants will include Edwin Ling, Anthony Festoso with the All Day Dreamers Band, Alex Brisson, Ronny Desinor, Harvey Bien-Aim&eacute;e, Dan Tetreault, Evan Brown, Graham Leduc, Dave Santamaria and of course Nasyr himself who will be brushing the skins in one of his own compositions. Other special, non-drumming invitees include music grad Vyto Bucionis (keyboards) playing with the Vanier Drummers Orchestra, current vocalists from our popular music programme and, from Maison des Jeunes de la Cote-des-Neiges Nobad Sound Studio Music Program&mdash;the rap/hip hop group NBS CREW! You will NOT want to miss this show, and we know you can afford the cost of admission: it's FREE!</p>
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Auditorium (A-103)

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