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Music Faculty in Concert and More
Wednesday, February 06, 2013
12:00 to 13:00
<p>Today at noon in room A-250 of the music department, as we host visitors from the Buerling Academy, our excellent faculty members will put on a superb show of their talents in the classical, jazz and pop areas. The show will begin with a special presentation by <em><strong>Sarah Rossy</strong></em> (Science and Music Double Dec student), winner of the Meg Sircom Scholarship. Faculty performers will include flautist <em><strong>Heather Howes</strong></em> and soprano <strong><em>Tamara Vickerd</em></strong> performing <em>Three Irish Folk Song Settings</em> by John Corigliano. We will also hear chamber music from clarinet teacher <em><strong>Zaven Zakarian</strong></em> (and friends). The second half of the show will feature the jazz and pop stylings of vocalist <em><strong>Johanne Desforges</strong></em>, pianist <em><strong>Eric Harding</strong></em>, bassist <em><strong>David Watts</strong></em>, guitarist <em><strong>Jacques Labelle</strong></em>, drummer <strong><em>Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr</em></strong> and trombonist <em><strong>Christopher Smith</strong></em>.&nbsp;A full slate to be sure, and all for free! Please note that space is limited in the venue.</p>
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Room A-250

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