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British Invasion Comes to Vanier
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
12:30 to 13:30
<p>Get Ready to Rock&hellip;</p>
<p>On Wednesday, November 11 during UB in the Auditorium the Music Department proudly presents &ldquo;The British Invasion.&rdquo; As part of the continued Academic Success Blues Series, three groups of Vanier musicians have been guided by teachers as they learn about the performance idioms of this popular musical movement, studying the music and techniques of 1960s British bands <em><strong>The Beatles</strong></em>, <strong><em>The Rolling Stones</em></strong>, and <em><strong>The Who</strong></em>. The performance will be hosted by Music Department Coordinator Glen Ethier, who will give a brief historical background to the development of the style and the groups. As an added bonus, a representative of the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts (created and funded by none other than <em><strong>Sir Paul McCartney</strong></em> himself) will be there with some excellent information for anyone considering going overseas to learn their craft. Don't miss it!</p>

Auditorium A-103

Glen Ethier
514-744-7500 ext. 7322



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