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Live streaming for MusicFest Québec 2013 today: March 19, 2013
Tuesday, March 19, 2013
09:00 to 17:00
<p>This is the fourteenth year that Vanier, which has the best facilities in Montreal for presenting multiple performances of symphony orchestras, string orchestras, concert bands, choirs and classical guitar ensembles, hosts MusicFest Quebec</p>
<p>Inspite of the March 19, 2013 snow storm, the opening day of MusicFest continues, albeit with some cancellations.&nbsp;&nbsp; The public is encouraged to attend today's events in the Auditorium between 9am and 5pm, (click on the attachment below) &nbsp;or to view on the internet (live streaming) by clicking <a href="">here</a>.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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Auditorium A-103,



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