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Free UB Music Concert
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
12:30 to 13:30
<p>If you missed last week's concert by mezzo-soprano and Vanier music alumnus Erica Martin, then this week's concert will help you feel better. After the return to the stage of so many past students in September, we will end the month with students who are actually still here. At 12h30 in the Auditorium on Wednesday, we are proud to present Vanier's own third-year improvisation ensembles, directed by the illustrious Jacques Labelle. These students are some of our best, and will perform a wide array of jazz tunes that will, in the words of one writer, &acirc;&euro;&oelig;delight the auditory sense with a tasteful blend of harmony and melody. Don't miss it. It's at universal break, and it' absolutely free.\r\nGlen Ethier, Dept. of Music</p>
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Auditorium A-103



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