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2011 Music Department Noon Concert Series: 3rd-year Improv 1
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
12:00 to 13:00
<p><strong>Today</strong> during universal break in the auditorium the music deparment presents the <strong><em>third-year jazz improvisation ensembles</em></strong>.&nbsp;Directed by Jacques Labelle, these young and talented musicians will perform a host of jazz standards to delight the audience. And there's a double twist: first, the performers will not be separated into two distinct groups, but will present their talents in a mix-and-match format. Second, and more importantly, some of these players are going to Denmark this term on a student exchange, so this concert is also a fundraiser! Why not come down to the auditorium, drop a loonie or a toonie into the pot and see who will be playing with whom? It will be fun, highly enjoyable and help out our students on this valuable exchange!</p>
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Auditorium (A-103)

Glen Ethier



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