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Read the following text and test your knowledge by answering the associated questions below. Clicking on the words in blue will give you it's definition as well as the words translation in French.

In the picture above, the main shape is called a parabola. It is drawn on a coordinate plane. It shows a quadratic formula which is represented by the equation .

When you draw what a formula represents, it is called a graph. Notice how it is decreasing on the left side and increasing on the right side. C is the vertex. In the picture above, Line A is parallel to the x-axis and perpendicular to the y-axis. The y-axis is also the axis of symmetry. This means that the left side of the y-axis is symmetrical to the right side. If you took the picture above and folded the paper on the y-axis, the pictures would be identical.

A function must have a one-to-one relationship. So, for every solution in y, there can only be one solution in x.