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Les mots de la science en anglais

This tutorial is particularly helpful for incoming and current students who have studied in a French environment and who wish to learn and become familiar with key science terms. Accessible from any computer and with several units, this is a helpful way to work on improving your English at your own speed and during your own time!

This is an online interactive science vocabulary system that is comprised of vocabulary quizzes and application problems as well as lists of translated vocabulary words for (Click on any of the following subjects):

Vocabulary Module (Biology)


Vocabulary Module (Chemistry)


Vocabulary Module (Mathematics)


Vocabulary Module (Physics)


Tips for Using 'Les mots de la science en anglais':

  • Start with Unit 1 of the topic that interests you.
  • Do the exercises in order.
  • Read all instructions carefully.
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your browser. Information on how to enable JavaScript can be found here.

Please report any issues or bugs you may encounter to Haritos Kavallos at