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Vanier STEM Centre

The STEM Centre aims to support and promote student success in mathematics, science and technologies. The large interactive study space includes a hackerspace for hands-on applied projects such as robotics, and a study hub for collaborative group work. Teacher help, computers, and a large collection of math and science textbooks are equally available. We offer a number of activities, services and resources including:

Help with Course Content

Our peer tutoring service lends a helping hand to Vanier students in almost every program across the College. The tutoring programs help students with their understanding and application of course concepts to increase the probability of their success. Ultimately, tutors help students develop strategies they need to become independent learners.

We also collaborate with teachers to offer students help through:

Getting Involved

We also organize a variety of exciting competitions and informative events which challenge students to apply their knowledge outside the context of the classroom and also help them to prepare for their future careers.

  • Bridge Building Contest
  • Mathematics, Science, and Computing Competitions
  • Pre-Med Info Sessions
  • Technology program Info Sessions
  • Career and Science Lecture Series
  • Robotics Challenge
  • Student Research including Science Fair and BioGENIUS
  • "Science, on tourne!" CEGEP engineering competition
  • Puzzle, Science Fact and Joke of the Week