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STEM Centre

Vanier STEM Centre

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Centre is located in D-301.

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FREE Drop in Peer Tutoring in E-300 (Tutoring & Academic Success Centre)
Monday to Thursday from 10am to 4pm, and Friday from 10am to 1pm.




Vanier Robotics Brings Home Prizes from Loops 2017

On February 16th to 18th, Vanier competed in the CRC Robotics Competition against 27 high schools and Cegeps. Overall, the team ranked 8th and won the following awards: 3rd place for sportsmanship and 2nd place for programming. They were also finalists for kiosk construction and design.

Loops 2017

Science Week

Science Week: Save the Date!

Our annual Science Week will take place March 20th to 24th. Events will include science talks, Pi-Day activities, and will culminate with the Science, on tourne! Engineering Competition. More information about Science Week to come! More information to come soon.

Science, on tourne!

Science, on tourne! Engineering Competition - 2017 Edition

Info for this year's competition is now live! The competition will take place on March 24th and there are cash prizes to be won! Interested students can sign up online in groups of up to 3 students.

Bridge Building Contest

25th Annual Bridge Building Competiton

On Wednesday, November 11th, we hosted our 25th Annual Bridge Building Competition with much success. A total of nearly 65 students in 24 teams participated and competed to win prizes in several categories. Check out the pictures from the event. Congratulations to our winning students:

  • Most Efficient Bridge & Supported the Greatest Load: Dylan Patel, Marc Quesnel, Peter Boutsalis, Richard Boisvert
  • 2nd Most Efficient Bridge and Craftsmanship / Aesthetic Award: Dylan Lazarus, Lyubomir Lyubenov, Matthew Reece, Zerind Bota
  • 3rd Most Efficient Bridge: Abheira Murugan, Tasmiah Mridha, Yi Zhi Wu, Ze Chen Dong
Ashley Rankin

New STEM Centre Officer - Ashley Rankin

Ashley has a background in Psychology and is currently finishing her Master's in Educational Technology at Concordia University. She has spent over a decade tutoring students of all ages in math, English, SAT preparation, and general study skills. She has a passion for learning and thinks working at Vanier is the next best thing to being a student.

Tutor of the Month

Relocation of MSC

Take note that due to the Library renovations, the Math & Science Centre will be moving to B-205 (sharing the Learning Centre space) from May 19th to March 2017. During this period, we will continue to offer our usual academic support services though, study space will be very limited due to space restrictions.

Chess Tournament

Winner of the Chess Tournament

Congratulations to the April 27th, 2016 chess champion: Ara Nazarian, for his first win this year! See pictures here.


Puzzle of the Week - Winner!

Congratulations to Gabriel Harris for winning this semester's Puzzle of the Week prize.

STEM Centre

STEM Centre: Design Competition - Winners Announced!

For several months, several groups of dedicated students were highly involved in offering their vision for the upcoming STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Centre. A total of 27 proposals were submitted and from among them, nine were chosen to receive awards. Read about the winning proposals and the students behind them.

STEM Centre

Our Upcoming STEM Centre

The Math & Science Centre as you have come to know it will soon be going through some amazing changes. The new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Centre will feature a newly renovated space, a think tank, hackerspace, and study hub. Watch the VanierTV interview below for more details:

Vanier Science Journal

Vanier Science Journal

Have a look at the newest publication on the Vanier Science Journal:
"The Organ Trade: Exploitation in Disguise" by Fatima Boulmalf