Study Trip to Russia

In connection with the Slavic studies Program, the Modern Languages Department is presently working on a project to establish a partnership between Vanier College and Saint-Petersburg State University that will create opportunities for students from Vanier college to study abroad in Russia. The students eligible for this project are students enrolled in the Modern languages Program at Vanier College who have studied Russian up to the intermediate level. Students selected for the study trip will take part in an intensive, five-week study program at the Russian Language and Culture Institute of Saint-Petersburg University where they will receive instruction that will enable them to reach an advanced-level of Russian language proficiency. The intensive program will take place every year in May-June, after the end of the winter semester. Students from Vanier College will travel with students from McGill University who will take part in a parallel study program at Saint-Petersburg State University.

Learn more about the Russian Language Exchange via the International Education website

Exchange Trip to Germany

Students of German, who have taken at least two (2) German courses, or who are already at an advanced level of German, have the opportunity to participate in a three-week exchange trip to Berlin and Freiburg, organized by Alain Forget, the coordinator of the Départment de langues modernes of CÉGEP Collège Ahuntsic . This trip takes place in May/ June after the winter semester has ended. The students will spend the first week in Berlin where they will—besides exploring the cultural treasures of the city – participate in an intensive German language course. They then travel to the university city of Freiburg, in the Black Forest area. This is where the exchange of the trip unfolds as the Canadian students will live with families of German students of the Rotteck-Gymnasium in Freiburg, allowing for an intense immersion of the German language and culture. In September, the German students will come to Montreal and stay with the families of the students to experience Quebec culture. In the past, this trip has been generously funded by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec (MELS), and applications for funding will also be made for future trips.

Other Trips organized by the Modern Languages Department

We are also working on developing other student trips to foreign destinations, which in the past have included student trips to Italy, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Germany, and Nicaragua.


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